Christmas 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is here!

As I type this on Thanksgiving Day, I am so excited to go buy a tree for our new condo that has 15 foot ceilings and for all things Christmas!

The holidays are the only saving grace to the cold weather that we experience here in Virginia. I absolutely love Thanksgiving and Christmas has always been the highlight of my years.
As I’ve gotten older I’ve found it can be quite the challenge to buying gifts for those who seem to have everything already. Those who may not need a thing, or are so deep and love those gifts from the heart, hand made gifts are the absolute way to go.

So we have comprised a little gift guide for you to find the perfect gift for those you love!

1. The first piece is a statement piece for those who have a large empty dead space above a couch or bed that is in dire need of some attention but you know they won’t pull the trigger themselves. This is the best gift to get someone on your good side and to love you forever. It doesn’t hurt that your Instagram game would be next level with this piece in the background. It is sure to be a memorable focal point for years to come.

2. Up next would be the perfect piece for under $100.00 that looks great in a small space such as a bathroom, a collage wall, or even on top of your work desk for some added flare once you get back from holiday break.


3. On December 4th we will be offering our full length mirrors on our website.

They are the perfect gift for guys and girls alike. I can confidently say we have had many friends buy these for their wives over the last couple of months, and they definitely get some instant brownie points. They measure 70”x26” and are big enough to check yourself out and make sure you look like a 10 before you head out the door. We will be offering them in three different color schemes and also taking custom requests.


4. If you have someone on your list that you know loves to pick out their own gift, we also have gift cards that you can purchase to make sure they get exactly what they want! The gift cards range various amounts and they do not expire! It can go towards custom work or items we have on our website.
This is the gift that never dissapoints.


Ariana Jade Sansone