Living Room Remodel

I don’t think we’ve been quite as challenged as we were visualizing how this space would come together.
This is our brand new space we moved into two months ago. We went ahead and slammed a date on it, and planned a grand opening. Also not to mention, we threw in our full company rebrand and name change while we were at it.

Yes, we are a little crazy, but it was one of those bubbling in your guts kind of things we had to act on.
So we knew we wanted to have a full array of new products and finally get to offer and stage some products that have never been seen before, or staged properly, so this was a huge deal for us. #upgrade

We took on the challenge of creating a hand full of new designs, creating a bit of inventory of each product, and even furnished the entire showroom in a matter of two and a half weeks.


But the hardest part of all of this was waiting on that “full view picture in your head of what everything will look like”. For weeks we had no furniture, no pieces built for the wall, no coffee or end tables. And it made it really hard to get a grip on how we wanted everything to look.

It reminds me of when life is super foggy, instead of calculating every step and not moving because the calculations don’t work out, we’ve seen taking that first step and getting one thing accomplished under your belt, is the very thing that helps the overall picture come into focus.
This is almost a life thought for me since it seems to be an undeniable truth in every circumstance that isn’t clear and you don’t have enough information, you just have to make a first move to start getting the clearer picture you’ve been looking for.

So even before we got our furniture in, or designs planned out, I just hung an old piece of ours on the wall and stood back and admired it. It wasn’t our favorite piece. But it gave us a glimpse of what we wanted, and or didn’t want. Thats another sermon.


But after that first piece hung, ideas started to trickle in on what needed to be built next. Then one by one, we started to get our full picture of what we wanted it to look like.
The picture all the way to the left is how we used to stage our photos when we first moved in. The second is us hanging up the first piece over our new couch. And the last photo is of our brand new completed staging area with our new Fairwind Piece on the wall.


Plants: Fast Growing Trees @fastgrowingtrees

Coffee Table: Stay @staybycorisamuel

Couch: Overstock @overstock

Rug: Overstock @overstock

Pillows: Woven Nook @wovennook

Lamp: Target @targetstyle

Blanket: West Elm @westelm

Wall Art: Stay @staybycorisamuel

Tell us what you think.

-Cori + Sam Werrell

Ariana Jade Sansone