Showroom Bathroom Project

Did anyone grow up with hideous wall paper on your walls? I guess the real question would be, who DIDNT grow up with hideous wallpaper on their walls? I remember I had elephant circus wallpaper that had probably been on there for at least 10 years and was impossible to come off. 

So the idea of doing that again on any walls we had was not an option. Until I heard of this new trend going on now that I am obsessed with and that is removable wall paper! Ive been seeing people on instagram with these beautiful accents walls and they said it was super easy to apply and when they are ready to put up a new one or they were moving it is easily removable, water resistant and washable! That won me over! 

I found this company Livette’s Wallpaper and what stuck out to me was their modern and simplistic style. Their wallpaper ranges from modern boho , bright,  coastal and they even have wallpaper for the kiddos room! Why wasn’t this a thing when we were kids!? I felt like I browsed their site for hours because I found so many that I liked! 

At the time we were completely redoing our showroom and because we don’t own the space we needed some interior ideas that we could do and possibly remove down the road. The bathroom was one of those projects! Luckily our showroom and bathroom had dark laminate floors and the bathroom was mainly white which made it easy to work with! 


The back wall as soon as you walked in was going to be painted black so we knew we wanted the wall to the right to have the wallpaper on it! 


We wanted something simple but that also added some depth to the bathroom because well, its a bathroom and they can get pretty boring. So after searching we finally nailed down on the design we wanted! It is called “Black Delicate Heringbone”.  You can choose between 5 different lengths and once you nail down the sizing you need, that is it! The checkout process is super simple!

When we got it in the mail my mom and her fiancé happened to be down that day helping us with some last minute things for our showroom and I asked my mom to put the wallpaper up with me. As soon as I said that Sam laughed because he knew we both have never put up wallpaper in our lives but we had directions that came with it (which were super simple) and we went to town!


Basically the wallpaper comes in sections of rolls (ours came with 4) and you just want to make sure its lined up to the wall and you peel off the sticky part from the back and gently roll it all the way down until you get it to the desired spot! Once you get it to the spot you want it to end, you will take a knife and cut it at the bottom! Its that simple. We just used our hands to rub out any air bubbles that popped up but it may be helpful to get a squeegee! 

It took my mom and I 20 minutes to put this wallpaper up and it looks amazing! So if you are looking for wallpaper to add some life to your room check out Livette’s Wallpaper! Click these links below to see their website and instagram! :)


Link to the wallpaper we chose:

Instagram: @livetteswallpaper



Ariana Jade Sansone