The Rug That Saved Our Bedroom

Trying to figure out what your exact style is, is challenging especially when you have a big empty space and you only gave yourselves less than 30 days to have it completed for a grand opening. I know we are little nuts. This was huge for Sam and I because we have never had a place where we could display our items and design it the exact way we’d like, so we didn’t even know where to start.

Once we moved into our showroom we knew we needed to get some things ordered right away. One of the first things was tracking down a rug to help brighten up and cover our dark walnut colored cheap laminate flooring that was previously installed, that we didn’t want to swap out. So Pinterest became our best friend for the next couple of weeks and we were creating board after board after board of spaces that inspired us.

The immediate things that we both fell in love with was the neutral palletes. Pretty much everything white and light. With very little natural light and not that greatest overhead lighting, we knew we needed to brighten this place up! So we literally painted the town white. Every crevice in our showroom was painted Behr Ultra Pure White, literally the brightest white we could find. Once we got done painting, the floors were still really really dark and was bringing down the room so the next natural move was to brighten up these floors.


We came across a company called Orian Rugs and they sell tons of different styled indoor and outdoor rugs and a lot of which are neutral! What is great is not only are the rugs simple but they are amazingly priced! Some other things that really stuck out to us while looking through their website is that they are completely stain and fade resistant (hello accidental spills on the rug). Sam is definitely bound to make a mess anywhere he goes, so this is a life saver. Oh and also shed free which is amazing so you don’t have to constantly vacuum them!


Orian Rugs has been making incredible, American-made area rugs and runners in Anderson, SC since 1979. The synthetic polypropylene yarn they make in South Carolina is specifically made for fade resistant, stain resistant, durable, and soft rugs. We’ve had it in our showroom for 5 months now and with our dusty and dirty shoes walking across it all day long it has seriously kept it’s color and with it being an off white that is unheard of!

We ordered the 5x8 Boucle Renton Natural and we are so happy with it!

You can find more rugs and inspiration photos on where to put them at

orian rugs
Ariana Jade Sansone