Why Change?


We just passed the one year mark this October of opening our very own retail store at The Selden Market!

It was an absolute rollercoaster!

Going from a storage unit, to working out of friends parent’s garages, into The Selden Market, it was nothing we could have prepared for.
We were way busier than we planned!
Instead of having people message us on Instagram and Facebook, we had people physically stopping by.
The community market of retail stores not only brought people in throughout the week due to having a wide variety of small businesses, but there was events that were planned every few weeks to bring people through the doors.

It was quite a challenge going from making commissioned work and occasionally creating pieces that we liked, to then outfitting our entire space with a couple different themed products and hoping that people would like them. It felt as we had no clue where to start but we had a couple of ideas and ran with them.
But we put a lot of hard work into each of those themes, even though they were scattered we were really proud of how it turned out. Very proud, all except the moment we had to put our name on a sign for as long as we had this retail store.


There were so many details associated with opening up a retail location that we didn’t realize. So once the opening day was approaching and having to get a sign made it hit us both, “is this what describes our business? Is this name something we are proud of?

I think we both knew it didn’t but had no clue as to what did describe us and what we wanted people to think when they saw our name. So we thought of this brilliant idea and was going to change our business name a week or two before the grand opening. I know, were funny huh. For the next couple of weeks we went on a long search. Day and night looking for a name that would stick out to us and we had absolutely no luck.

We had to really brainstorm who we were as a company and what we felt like described us and still nothing was sticking. Then we downloaded all of the “word” apps (because that’s what you do instead of picking up a dictionary) and searched every thesaurus website out there. We would search for hours and hours and we would write down lists of names we liked but again, nothing.

So we put it to rest for almost a year.

Fast forward 10 months and we moved into a new permanent space, following up our successful run at The Selden Market and about 6 months in a temporary work space after The Selden, that had no heat, air, or bathroom. More on that another time.

We fell in total love with our new place to operate the business from. It has a large workspace, a matching office space that we wanted to turn into a showroom and the kicker, it has AC, heat, and a bathroom. Oh the things you take for granted.

Once we started working in the space and getting things setup in the showroom to be, we knew it would be appropriate to have some sort of open house to celebrate our new place and coming out of our six months of hiding. Then it hit us, Christmas is around the corner and we really didn’t want to print another tag, flyer, or any other promotional product with Werrell Woodworks on it, so maybe we should think about our name again.

So then the search for the name restarted. It didn’t really last long since we were still running in place on the same ideas that weren’t clicking. But then we ended up having lunch with a friend to just catch up and we started talking about the business name conundrum and she rattled off a couple of words that could be cool. So we took some notes on our phone and were preparing to the leave the lunch and go about our day. Then our friend was sharing one last story and Sam said it sounded like, “yada yada yada yada, Stay, yada yada yada. As soon as she said the word “Stay” Sam said he couldn’t hear anything else, so he wrote it down in his notepad, didn’t tell me anything. Then as soon as we got into the car, he said the word Stay, and it was the first time both of us looked at each other and sort of non verbally agreed. You know when your eyes lock with someone and you sort of shake hands. It was kind of like that. It brought so much peace to our troubled little hearts that have been aching for an answer for this name.

We loved that the name had very little to do with what we were making, but more so what we wanted the company and the things we built to make people feel. It then seemed as the word Stay could be exactly what we wanted this new chapter of our business to represent.

There is so much we want to share, so lets call this Part 1.

Part 2 Coming Soon.

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Ariana Jade Sansone